It’s got to be a quilt next

Now that I have rediscovered the joys of patchwork, I want to make a quilt. After searching the internet for a few days,  I have found some material I love and am now ready to (jelly) roll.

I have also found a great pattern idea from Youtube which uses jelly roll pieces which is simple but Oh! so effective and all I need now is to order my material ready to get going.

The Moda fabric I have chosen is Padstow by Cabbages & Roses which is described as

A seaside treat with wispy ice cream coloured clouds, or a blustery day on an old fashioned pier, the newest C&R collection for Moda is a 1950’s extravaganza of reminiscences. Pieces of an old quilt lovingly restored and re-created in the softest hues and unexpected colours are invented as a gentle reminder that good and wholesome times can still exist, that gentle roses and buds are all we need to revel in old fashioned times, old fashioned fabrics and good old fashioned happiness. Our third collection for Moda is a departure from our normal collections, yet still connected by a vintage string of softer tones, as well as mono prints and a selection of ditzy prints for filling and lining”

Just what the doctor ordered for the winter 🙂


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