200 Squares

When I mentioned to my Persian (Iranian) husband that I was going to crochet an afghan, he looked at me in bewilderment. His definition of an afghan is very different to mine as you might imagine and he could think of other things he might chose to do to an afghan but crochet one isn’t one of them!

Before I get into trouble, he assures me that the Iranian people and the Afgahns (Afgahnis) are very much friends and in fact, we know many Afghanis where we live when we visit Iran and I can vouch that they are lovely. 🙂

This time last week however, Afghans to me were just fluffy-blond- long- haired-long-legged-haughty-dogs. But now I know different as Amazon (God Bless them) has today delivered Jan Eaton’s book “200 crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans”. The blocks look fab and as I am in Scotland next week spending 4 nights away from home in a hotel, I guess that at least half of my allotted case-space will be taken up with wool! Well at least it’s light.

It would be very tempting to flick through the pages and chose my favourites, but as I am still very much a  beginner at this crochet lark, I am determined to work my way through the book in order so that I learn lots of different stitches and techniques instead of sticking within my comfort zone.

Here’s to the first block…….”Triangle Stripes”


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