London 2012 Olympics

As a rule, I don’t make things to sell but if someone wants something special that they can’t buy in the shops then I am happy to try to put something together for them. Most of what I do for others has a story behind it and I see this as characteristic of me being  a Scrapbooker at heart. I like stories and I love documenting those memories in my “pages” or cards.

A friend recently told me that her niece is a dancer and took part in the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony. She  had a leading part in the section called “Here Comes The Sun” performed to Kate Bush’s “Running Up The Hill”. 303 white boxes which represented the number of events at 2012 were built into a pyramid in the middle of the stage and images of the previous 12 days of competition were projected onto the surfaces.

My mission? To put together a card for the niece as a memento of the occasion which was to be signed by her family.

I’m not a red, white and blue person so I kept to a more muted gold and cream theme which was just as fitting in the circumstances 😀


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