Crochet flowers

I am a crochet novice and have only been experimenting for some 6 weeks now and I still can’t follow a pattern!

I make things up as I go along, and my first efforts have been crochet flowers which I have made into brooches by simply adding a brooch pin-£3.25 for 50 of  them- a real bargain!

This is a sample of the first few I managed to put together and due to popular demand, I am gradually adding more colours to my repertoire .

They are great as brooches, but can also be used to decorate hats, gloves and scarves for autumn/winter.

Happy hooking!


6 responses to “Crochet flowers

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      • I found the best way to use the patterns was if there was a written pattern and a diagram so that I could read the stitches but use the diagram to see where they went and now I can read either style without too many problems!

    • Thanks :D- keeps me out of mischief when commuting on the train. It is also a great conversation prompt- I get lots of comments from people who watch me crochet but it’s usually saying “I didn’t think anyone crochets any more”. Makes me feel very old until I tell them that its all coming back again!

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