Advent Calendar

I love drawers and if I’m not hunting down IKEA mini-drawers to Decopatch at car boot sales, I will content myself with putting together a Kaisercraft “Beyond the Page” Advent Calendar. The cheapest online supplier I have found is Merly Impressions although some local craft shops will have the same product selling for around £22.50 if you are lucky but you can expect to pay around £30 in many cases.

Whilst this is not a cheap project, it is well worth the effort and you will finish up with a timeless keepsake which you can use again and again.

After my first attempt above, my sister put in her order straight away and I spent some of my summer holiday putting together her version.

As well as selling the kits, Merly Impressions have put together some great instructions to help you put the drawers and frame together as no instructions come with the pack.Kaisercraft Advent Calendar Instructions 

In fact, you don’t have to stick to the Christmas theme. I decorated and embellished one set with Prima “Madeline” paper which was gorgeous. I say “was” as I only owned this set of drawers for a short time before my niece took a shine to it.


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    • They are great- I have one waiting which I bought off Ebay but haven’t got round to it yet. Although they are quite straight forward to work out, the insructions are very useful! Have you seen the Kaisercraft paper that goes with them which is already printed in 4cm x 4cm squares?

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