When life gives you a cookie cutter…….

Don’t make cookies, that’s boring. Instead, try making something different.

When I arrived home with a red heart-shaped cookie cutter from Lakeland (£1.29) my hubby was more than a little flummoxed. I don’t bake so he was curious as to what I was going to do with it.

Here is what I did. It is my effort at a Valentine’s Day keepsake using bits and pieces already in my stash and the lovely wide organza ribbon previously used to bind my holly and ivy bouquet at Christmas. 

How did I make this?

Firstly, I punched out some small heart shapes and stuck them randomly on the inside and outside of the cookie cutter using PVA glue.


Next I covered 2 wooden hearts with matching paper, using PVA glue, and smoothing down the edges around the shape with an emery board. 

I glued the hearts together and suspended them within a jewelly making diamond wire pendant which I found in a bargain bucket for 50p. To neaten the edges of the wooden hearts I stuck tiny heart-shaped blue buttons around using narrow double sided tape.


I knotted some silver thread around the cookie cutter at intervals and added a red heart to the pendant dangling in the middle of the cutter.

Finally I tied the ribbon to the top of the cutter using a double bow and suspended it with more silver thread.

Time taken: 1 hour


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