5 minute makes (1)

In just 5 minutes you can create a simple but effective label or bookmark which you can also use to add interest to scrapbook pages by adding comments, additional stamp images or text.

What you will need;

A plain label or bookmark- avoiding smooth surfaces which are more tricky to ink

Distress ink and foam pad- I used Tim Holtz “walnut stain” for this make

A stamp- I used a heart stamp which I purchased for just £1 in my local craft shop

White tile or inking mat to work on. (I love my 0.79p white tile from Wickes!)

Step 1

Use the distress ink to gently and gradually distress the edges of the label or bookmark. working the ink further onto the label as far as you like. You can just leave the edges darkened if you prefer.

Step 2

Carefully stamp your selected image onto the label or bookmark leaving room for journaling if using in a scrapbook.

Using a journal/note stamp

Using 2 or 3 different colour inks and splashing the label with water


Crunch the label into a tight ball

Open up and distress with ink

Iron the label on the reverse to flatten

Voila! Finis!


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